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Carpet moth

The carpet moth (Trichophaga tapetzella L.). - The carpet moth is not so common in this country as the two other clothes moths and is a larger insect, spreading about three-quarters of an inch.

It seems to prefer to attack heavier and coarser cloths than the other species, as well as felts, skins, etc., and is found in carriage upholstering and similar places as often as in houses. The caterpillar tunnels in its food, lining the galleries somewhat with silk, and in these galleries it also pupates.

Control for Clothes Moths. - Woolen goods, silks, hair, furs and feathers form the chief food of these insects. Any such materials regularly used during the summer are not liable to be attacked. If left exposed for any length of time, however, they should be aired in the sun and thoroughly brushed or beaten every two or three weeks.

To protect goods to be put away for the summer two steps are important. (1) Be sure no clothes moths are present in the goods in any stage of life. (2) Protect the goods from later attacks by these insects.