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Larder beetles

The larder beetle (Dermestes lardarius L.). - This common insect is frequently found in pantries on foods, particularly of a fatty nature. The adult is dark brown, with a pale-yellowish band across the elytra near their bases, in which are a few black dots.

The larva is longer and more slender than the adult, with numerous, rather long, black hairs; it is brown in color and attacks ham, cheese, beeswax, feathers and almost any material oily or fatty in its nature.

Control. - Little can be done in the way of controlling this pest, except by cleanliness and close watch of all fatty substances kept in stock, removing and destroying the insects whenever they are discovered. Tightly closed receptacles, giving no opportunity for the insects to enter, should be used in which to keep such substances. Infested storerooms or pantries may be heated to 135 for 3 hr.